Unusual Vehicles

Oscar Mayer Unveiled Weiner Rover for National Hot Dog Day (September 5, 2015): Oscar Mayer unveiled its latest weinermobile, the Weiner Rover, for National Hot Dog 2015.

Chinese Inventor Creates Rideable Suitcase Scooter (June 7, 2014): A Chinese inventor has created a rideable suitcase scooter. You just ride your scooter luggage to the airport.

Nissan BladeGlider Reportedly Being Considered for Production (January 10, 2014): Nissan's unique Nissan BladeGlider concept vehicle is being considered for production.

Hyundai to Display Zombie Survival Machine at New York Comic-Con (October 9, 2013): Hyundai and The Walking Dead are bringing a fan-designed Zombie Survival Machine to life at New York Comic-Con.

The Walking Dead Zombie Survival Machine to be Unveiled at Comic-Con in San Diego (July 3, 2012):

The Bio-Diesel Seinfeld Bus Tours Campuses (September 2, 2008):

Futuristic Vessel Proteus Sails into New York Harbor (September 17, 2007): Proteus sails into New York Harbor as part of its One Ocean mission

The DeLorean Time Machine is on Display at the Volo Auto Museum (July 28, 2007): The DeLorean Time Machine is on Display at the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois.

The VbubbleU Scent Mobile from ScentAir (June 5, 2007):

1958 Plymouth Tornado to be Sold at Auction (October 30, 2006):

Hi-Tech Vehicles for the Filthy Rich (September 13, 2006):

24-Ton Armored Popemobile Sold at Auction (September 12, 2006):

Pac-Man Cars (August 11, 2006):

Mitsubishi Creates Hello Kitty Car (July 19, 2006):

Vehicle Designed for Wheelchair Users (June 21, 2006):

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