Samsung Safety Truck Uses Giant Display to Help Drivers See Road Ahead (July 6, 2015): The Samsung Safety Truck uses giant screens to help drivers behind it see the road in front of the truck.

Freightliner Launches First Licensed Autonomous Commercial Truck (June 1, 2015): Freightliner has launched the first truck that is a licensed autonomous commercial truck in the U.S.

Apple Reportedly Developing Electric Vehicle (February 16, 2015): Apple is reportedly working on an Apple car. The car would be an electric powered vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Autonomous F 015 Research Vehicle (January 19, 2015): Mercedes-Benz unveiled its new F 015 research vehicle at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

Toyota Unveils Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept at CES 2014 (January 8, 2014): Toyota unveiled its FCV or Fuel Cell Vehicle concept car at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

U.S. Department of Transporation Now Recommending Rear-View Cameras (September 26, 2013): The U.S. Department of Transportation is now recommending rear-view cameras on new U.S. cars. Consumers groups have sued demanding the camera systems be mandatory.

Nissan to Offer Autonomous Drive Vehicles by 2020 (August 28, 2013): Nissan announced it will offer autonomous drive vehicles by 2020.

Volvo Shares Video of Its SARTRE Road Train Technology (September 25, 2012):

Nevada Allows Google's Driverless Car (May 10, 2012):

Chinese Carmaker's New Electric Vehicle Features Dashboard Robot (April 26, 2012):

MIT Researchers Create 3D Dashboard Display to Replace GPS Navigators (June 15, 2011):

GM Says Driverless Cars on Roads Within 10 Years (January 7, 2008):

New Sensor May Eliminate Blind Spots (October 2, 2007):

Americans Want Texting While Driving Banned (August 8, 2007):

The SmartWeb Vehicle Warning System (June 14, 2007):
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