Shaq, Green Day and Jack Osbourne Have Souped-up Rides

Posted on January 6, 2006

NBC News has an article about some of the souped-up celebrity rides. The feature includes photographs of vehicles owned by millionaire celebrities like Shaq and Missy Elliott. Here are some of the highlights we found.

  • Shaq owns a 2003 Hummer H2 that features "26-inch, chrome wheels with the Superman 'S' engraved on each of the five spokes."
  • Green Day own a 1968 Mercury Monterey conversion which is equipped with dual flamethrowers and a fog machine.
  • Jack Osbourne's BMW X5 features a "phantasmagorical rendition of the family Osbourne in an almost translucent blue paint depicting them as rotting blue corpses."

    Jack may win with that bizarre paint job. The photographs came from DUB Magazine. Modifying cars is not a trend followed only by the super-rich. We mentioned several months ago the trend of cars show like Hot Import Nights where people show-off their own souped-up vehicles.

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