Automotive Safety

Rearview Cameras to be Required on All New Vehicles by 2018 (April 2, 2014): Rearview cameras will be required on all new vehicles by 2018.

U.S. Department of Transporation Now Recommending Rear-View Cameras (September 26, 2013): The U.S. Department of Transportation is now recommending rear-view cameras on new U.S. cars. Consumers groups have sued demanding the camera systems be mandatory.

Driver in Taiwan Narrowly Escapes Truck-sized Boulder (September 2, 2013): A driver in Taiwan narrowly escaped a huge boulder that was dislodged during a rain storm.

Drivers Die in Tokyo Tunnel Collapse (December 2, 2012):

Victoria Justice Encourages Teens to Ask for Stronger Teen Driving Laws (April 22, 2012):

Car and Deer Collisions Are on the Rise (October 15, 2010):

Optical Illusion Makes Drivers Think They Are Going to Hit a Little Girl (September 11, 2010):

Giant Sinkhole Swallows Car in California (April 16, 2010):

Driving Supertaskers Discovered in Study (March 30, 2010):

Speeding Swiss Motorist Fined $290,000 (January 17, 2010):

MyKey: Ford's Parent-Controlled Car Key (September 25, 2009):

Ramping Up Fuel Efficiency Could Reduce Car Safety (May 28, 2009):

Towns Turn to Molasses and Garlic Salt During Salt Shortage (January 3, 2009):

Road Salt Shortage Could Mean Slicker Roads (December 15, 2008):

Many Small Trucks Weak on Side Safety (August 7, 2008):
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