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Nissan to Offer Autonomous Drive Vehicles by 2020

Nissan Autonomous Drive vehicle

Nissan Motor Co. has announced it will be ready with multiple, commercially-viable Autonomous Drive vehicles by 2020. Nissan says the cars will be available at "realistic prices." Nissan says it has been researching the technology for years, alongside teams from MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Tokyo. A Nissan prototype with Autonomous Drive is pictured above.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said in statement, "Nissan Motor Company's willingness to question conventional thinking and to drive progress - is what sets us apart. In 2007 I pledged that - by 2010 - Nissan would mass market a zero-emission vehicle. Today, the Nissan LEAF is the best-selling electric vehicle in history. Now I am committing to be ready to introduce a new ground-breaking technology, Autonomous Drive, by 2020, and we are on track to realize it."

The cars should significantly reduce accidents. Nissan says 93% of accidents in the U.S. are due to human error. However, even if your car is autonomous it does mean other people won't still be out there drunk driving regular cars that could slam into you. Self-driving vehicles also require less input from drivers, which means people can be more productive or entertain themselves with media while they are riding in the cars. Nissan says Autonomous Drive also means people with disabilities can become more mobile and more independent. Take a look:

Photo: Nissan

Posted on August 28, 2013

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