AIDA: Mounted Robot Head Helps You Navigate (November 15, 2009):

Traffic Congestion in China (February 11, 2007):

Automatic Speed Limit Detection for Cars (October 25, 2006):

Nissan to Test Intelligent Transportation System (September 21, 2006):'s Jam Factor Traffic Conditions (September 20, 2006):

Google Maps Offers Traffic Data for Mobile Phones (August 15, 2006):

Volkwagen and Google Building Navigation System (February 6, 2006):

Testing the Online Map Services (October 18, 2005):

Sony Offers 3D GPS Mapping Software for Tokyo (May 18, 2005):

Bill Gates and Ford See Hi-Tech Car Future (May 3, 2005):

Can a GPS Network Help Drivers Avoid Traffic Jams? (April 25, 2005):
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