Hi-Tech Vehicles for the Filthy Rich

The bizarre balloon car came in 10th on Dvice's list of ten vehicles for the super wealthy.
Hurtling through a wetland of intrigue and speculation, this unnamed all-terrain vehicle was last spotted in February 2005 speeding around Belarus. With six balloon wheels and what looks like a mighty drive train, this amphibious creature could give you another way to coast from your island home. Although the manufacturer promised to have them on the market by summer 2005, we're still waiting here in the states. If I were you (and extremely rich), I'd call that brother-in-law in the CIA and see what information you can buy.
There are other unusual vehicles on the list as well, like the j1421 Bodakondank personal tank, the personalized jet pack and the sky yacht. If you had the money would you really buy one of the crazy vehicles instead of a hot sports car? If we had the money we would opt for one of the two luxury sports cars on the list instead. The Tesla Roadster is listed in the 4th slot and a limited-edition gold-plated Porsche is listed in 2nd. In 1st place Sci Fi Tech selected the Rinspeed Splash, a land/water sports car.

Posted on September 13, 2006

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