Green Cars

Nissan BladeGlider Reportedly Being Considered for Production (January 10, 2014): Nissan's unique Nissan BladeGlider concept vehicle is being considered for production.

Toyota Unveils Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept at CES 2014 (January 8, 2014): Toyota unveiled its FCV or Fuel Cell Vehicle concept car at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show.

BMW Unveils New i3 Electric Car (July 31, 2013): BMW has unveiled its new i3 electric car.

Porsche Begins Testing 918 Spyder Prototype (May 26, 2012):

Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-CELL Goes Nearly Invisible in Marketing Campaign (March 14, 2012):

Coda and Great Wall Motors Announce Electric Vehicle Deal (August 21, 2011):

Winning Vehicle at Shell Eco-marathon Gets 2,564.8 Miles per Gallon (April 18, 2011):

Italian Designer Paolo De Giusti's Ecochine (August 5, 2010):

Japanese Company Starts Selling Solar Powered Carports (October 14, 2009):

Japan's New Green Car Ideas (October 10, 2009):

The Leaf: Nissan's Electric Car Coming in 2010 (September 3, 2009):

ETA Names Jaguar XJ Britain's Greenest Luxury Car (June 27, 2009):

Ramping Up Fuel Efficiency Could Reduce Car Safety (May 28, 2009):

Green Race Car Powered By Chocolate, Made With Veggies (May 19, 2009):

GM Reveals Chevrolet Volt Electric Vehicle (September 17, 2008):
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